Welcome to the Sixes Padel Tournament!

Our Padel event is redefining the traditional boundaries of the sport with a series of fun and engaging features designed to sweeten the experience for both players and spectators.

Here’s what to expect!

Six-Pointer Games

We’ve transformed the classic Padel game format to keep with the Sixes theme. Each game will now be played to six points, intensifying the competition and tying seamlessly with our overarching Sixes motif. Teams will compete in five matches, each consisting of a thrilling series of games, promising non-stop action and strategic play.

Six-Star Challenges

Players participate in the Six-Star Challenges between matches. A series of skill-based competitions including accuracy shots, trick shots, and speed serves. These challenges offer a chance to earn up to six stars and feature expert coaching to help enhance your skills. Performances here will contribute to the team’s overall score, making every shot count!

Six Themed Zones

Engross yourself in the festival atmosphere of our event with six uniquely themed zones surrounding the courts. Each zone offers a variety of activities, local and international cuisine, and entertainment options, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a player or a spectator, the vibrant environment promises a memorable experience.

Charitable Scoring with the SIXES Zone

Watch for the special ‘SIXES Zone’ marked on each Padel court. Any hits landing in this zone will score bonus points for the team and trigger a donation towards our “Hit Poverty for a Six” initiative. This innovative scoring mechanism adds a layer of strategy and excitement to the games while supporting a noble cause, embodying our commitment to community and social responsibility. Join us and gear up for a tournament filled with action, skill, and heart!